Artificial Intelligence in Chemistry and Beyond: Seminar Course Spring 2022

Solène Oberli, École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL)

8 June, 4 videos, 31 views, Open Channel

The purpose of these seminars is to promote Artificial Intelligence in Chemistry and related fields and to boost exchanges within the community.

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Prof. Simon Cory seminar: "Classifying the toxicity of pesticides to honey bees"

12 June, 10 views


Dr. Miguel Caro seminar: "Machine Learning local atomic properties: accurate prediction of XPS spectra of carbon materials"

12 June, 9 views


Dr. Maria Rodriguez Martinez seminar: "AI-driven approaches for cancer personalized medicine"

12 June, 4 views


Prof. Risi Kondor Seminar "Equivariant Neural Networks for Modeling Physical Interactions"

12 June, 8 views