Swiss Websecurity Day 2020


30 October 2020, 4 videos, 160 views, Open Channel

The Swiss Web Security Day is an event organized by SWITCH, the Swiss Internet Security Alliance SISA and the Swiss ICT Industry Association Swico. This event will cover current security and privacy issues for Swiss registrars and web hosters. There will be talks about current technical, legal, and regulatory issues and also plenty of time to network with your colleagues.

SWITCH Security Awareness

Viewable by everyone.


Panel Discussion - «How we made it through Corona. What new things were developed»

30 October 2020, 56 views


Bernhard Droz - Everyone is talking cybercrime - what about law enforcement?

30 October 2020, 65 views


Dan York - Open Standards Everywhere (OSE)

30 October 2020, 16 views


Stéphane Bondallaz - Update on the Revision of the Ordinance on Internet Domains

30 October 2020, 23 views