Student Portal UZH

Christine Bresciani, Universität Zürich

23 November 2016, 8 videos, 7502 views

Directly access the course catalogue, your schedule, or summary of credits. Plan and coordinate your studies: Import booked or noted course to your private calendar. Receive notifications: You can receive notifications by e-mail when information on a booked course changes or when a new grade has been registered. A video clip with instructions on how to set up the Student Portal UZH shows how to add an icon to your home screen is available below and at You can also work with the Student Portal UZH on your desktop of your personal computer or laptop.

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Meine Ergebnisse

24 November 2016, 582 views


Mein Stundenplan

24 November 2016, 832 views


Das Studierendenportal der UZH

24 November 2016, 971 views


Das Studierendenportal der UZH auf dem Mobile aufrufen

24 November 2016, 655 views


My Results

24 November 2016, 510 views


My Schedule

24 November 2016, 657 views


The UZH Student Portal

24 November 2016, 1268 views


Setting up UZH Student Portal on your Smartphone

24 November 2016, 2027 views