24 August 2022, No video, No views, English (United Kingdom), Open Channel

Superstudio is a prospective and collective studio that examines the possibilities of imagination and realization of latent futures. Through its title Latent Futures, Superstudio intends to explore visions and attitudes capable of seriously confronting the present environmental condition. Superstudio lands thus in the Geneva region to reflect and act on the multiple dimensions of the environmental crisis (climatic change, biodiversity collapse, water scarcity, erosion of soils, energetic descent, etc ). The future (and the future of architectural practice) will be scrutinized with the aid of a compass: the four narratives developed by Sébastien Marot for the exhibition Taking The Country’s Side. By applying the four scenarios to the specific territory of Geneva, the studio will pursue a speculative research-oriented nature developed during the past years, adding a layer of reflection. The studio will conclude with a public exhibition in Archizoom.

The channel collects the lectures given during the semester.

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