Introduction to Nanomechanics (22774-01)

Martino Poggio, Universität Basel

Lecturer: Prof. Martino Poggio

Assistants: Dr. Estefani Marchiori, Mr. Giulio Romagnoli, Mr. Lukas Schneider

This course (not surprisingly) focuses on the mechanics of very small objects. In particular, we will discuss the regime of nanometer-scale objects where classical theory begins to break down and quantum mechanical behavior emerges. In order to do so, we will touch on continuum mechanics, statistical mechanics, opto-mechanics, and quantum mechanics. After covering the fundamentals of the field, we will study its most important results up to and including contemporary work. We will discuss efforts to bring nanomechanical resonators into the quantum mechanical regime. We will also emphasize the most practical and successful applications of these devices, i.e. as sensors of force, mass, and displacement. Find out more at