Antoine Tilloy (MPI Garching) - "Variational method in relativistic quantum field theory without cutoff" (22/3/2021)

High Energy Theory Seminars

22 March 2021, Matthijs Hogervorst, 35 views

The variational method is a powerful approach to solve many-body quantum problems non perturbatively. However, in the context of relativistic quantum field theory (QFT), it needs to meet 3 seemingly incompatible requirements outlined by Feynman: extensivity, computability, and lack of UV sensitivity. In practice, variational methods break one of the 3, which translates into the need to have an IR or UV cutoff. In this talk, I will introduce a relativistic modification of continuous matrix product states that satisfies the 3 requirements jointly in 1+1 dimensions. I will then show how to apply the method to the self-interacting scalar field, without UV cutoff and directly in the thermodynamic limit.

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