Adán Pérez-García - Fossil turtles of the Iberian Peninsula (Southwestern Europe): New finds and ongoing research

SCIMED - Geosciences - Turtle Evolution Symposium 2024

52:32, 1 July, English, 4 views

The fossil record of turtles of the Iberian Peninsula is recognized as one of the most abundant and diverse for the European continent. The relative geographical position of the Iberian Peninsula over time has been strategic for the diachronic dispersion of numerous lineages of turtles to and from different geographical areas, not only considering other European regions, but also other continents (i.e., Africa, Asia, and North America). Numerous turtle lineages have been recognized in the Iberian context, including both stem taxa and, especially, pan-pleurodiran and pan-cryptodiran representatives. This record is well represented for almost all geological series, from the Upper Jurassic to the Holocene (with the sole exception corresponding to the Paleocene). Knowledge about the extinct turtles that lived in this region has improved significantly in the last two decades, through both the review of the previously documented specimens and the discovery and study of numerous new finds. The main objectives of this keynote talk are to show some of the latest finds carried out as a result of recent prospecting and excavation campaigns, as well as others previously performed but that remained unpublished until now; and to present some of the main research on the fossil record of Iberian turtles currently underway. Thus, not only aspects linked to the systematics of these taxa will be shown, but also new data related to other research disciplines, such as, among others, those linked to the paleobiogeography, temporal distributions, variability, or neuroanatomy.

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