Eliot Hijano (Princeton U.) - "From AdS/CFT to soft theorems in flat space" (2/11/2020)

High Energy Theory Seminars

A holographic understanding of physics in flat space is currently lacking. In this talk, I will explore the flat limit of AdS/CFT to provide flat space with an indirect, holographic framework. The observables of physics in flat space are S-matrix elements and can be obtained from a large AdS-radius limit of certain CFT correlators. I will present a method for constructing CFT operators which create incoming and outgoing scattering states in flat space. Using this method, I will obtain explicit expressions for incoming and outgoing U(1) gauge fields. Weinberg soft photon theorems then follow from Ward identities of conserved CFT currents, providing a link between CFT physics and the IR physics of flat space-times.