18, lunch&LEARN: Interaction between Moral Reasoning and Imagination: Critical Perspectives and Pedagogical Implications

Center LEARN

15 November 2022, Julie Clerget, 48 views

To what extent do we treat imagination as an essential constituent of moral reasoning?

In this session, Yousef Jalali, Scientist at the Center LEARN’s internal mission team whose research focuses on ethical reasoning and imagination as well as diversity, equity, and inclusion, briefly discusses the conceptual underpinnings of moral reasoning informed by liberatory praxis and theory, and pragmatism.

In his presentation, Jalali elaborates on the role of imagination in moral deliberation and reflect on ethics modules for science and engineering students that were designed and implemented to provoke moral imagination. 

This lunch&LEARN session is an opportunity for the EPFL teaching community to discover examples and ideas for integrating ethics in the engineering curriculum.

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