OEC ALUMNI UZH: Wine-Webinar with Robin Kick MW


«The great Reds of Italy»

Did you know that Italy has the most indigenous grapes than any other country in the world? 

There are almost 400 varieties used commercially, though there are estimates of at least 1600 more in existence waiting to be explored. This makes Italy the richest viticultural country in terms of diversity. It also boasts some of the greatest wines produced, particularly in terms of its reds.

Come join us in a webinar where we will travel across Italy’s grandest winemaking regions from north to south, including Piedmont, Veneto, Tuscany and Campania, focusing on some of its incredible reds – Barolo, Amarone, Brunello, Super Tuscan and Taurasi. 

Presented by Robin Kick, one of only five Masters of Wine residing in Switzerland.