E-voting: a new Moodle activity to engage students

Webinars 2015

Webinar presented by Anne-Dominique Salamin & Leyun Xia, Cyberlearn, HES-SO, September 3, 2015

According to a survey conducted by Cyberlearn in all HES-SO faculties, of 76% students who use their smartphones during the class, 37% do so with an educational purpose, while 63% access entertainment data. The only non-paired activities are sports and sleep. 29% of students feel that they can stay focused in class for 60 minutes straight. There are 20% who believe that group work holds their attention best, 18% prefer video resources and 14% prefer concrete examples. 0% spontaneously name PowerPoint.

On the other hand, professors have to manage larger classes while students ask for more and more teacher-student interactions, according to the answers provided in the survey.

In order to encourage students' involvement and support interactions with knowledge and professor, Cyberlearn has developed a tool, called e-voting. It allows students to vote in real time using their smartphone or laptop. A graphic dynamically shows the ongoing votes.

The e-voting activity requires no additional hardware; it is secured and fully integrated in Moodle as a plugin. The application is multilingual and can be used to support the flipped-class activities.

Universities can contact cyberlearn@hes-so.ch to get the plugin or test it on the Moodle HES-SO platform.