SWITCHengines for e-learning applications

Webinars 2017

Webinar presented by Konrad Jaggi & Saverio Proto, SWITCH, on April 27, 2017

At the eduhub days 2017, several people contacted us with questions regarding the SWITCHengines service and its use for e-learning. Institutions and e-learning teams have so far used SWITCHengines for MOOCs or tools like Sandboxes. Likewise, SWITCH is using them for tools like SWITCHtube or SWITCHportfolio. While being in contact with individual institutions, we wanted to provide you with the opportunity via this webinar to get to know better SWITCHengines – and its current or possible use cases including a live demo to show how to get started and generally use the platform.