As a part of our IDA-Module we had to read an essay by Christine Noll Brinckmann called „Das Gesicht hinter der Scheibe“ which deals with the topic of people standing at windows in movies. The goal was to adapt those theoretical thoughts to a self-made videoessay. After reading the text, we realized that due to the Coivd-19 situation we were staring through windows all the time – the windows on our computers. Therefore we decided to make a video which reflects upon this behavior. The main difficulty for us was the fact that we wanted to do this in a one-take desktop documentary. That means we did simply record what was happening on one of our screens, without any further post-processing. Because of this, it became not only a video but also a performative act for the two of us. All spoken parts are paraphrasings from the mentioned essay. 

by Jeanne Hürzeler - K+V / Pawel Streit - Camera Arts

made for the IDA Module "Videoessay – Writing with Images", HSLU 27.4.2020

for research and teaching purposes