Ask me anything about circular economy with Laurent Maeder

Climate and Sustainability Action Week 2021

27 February 2021, Samuel Cotture, 14 views

Laurent Maeder is co-leader of the business lab Circular Economy Transition

Laurent has 25 years expertise in the field of sustainable innovation and sustainable development in textile and various industries across Europe and Asia. He has been a circular economy practitioner for more than 10 years and has contributed to Circular Economy Switzerland which aims to act as a catalyst for a new Swiss-wide circular economy movement with various projects and events. Laurent also teaches Circular Economy at the Sustainability Management School in Gland.

Laurent  wishes that all students understand that “circular economy requires a change at all levels; from product design to distribution and consumption, and from governance and business models to people’s mindset. From an Era of technological and economical performance to an Era of a triple bottom line - profit, planet, people.”

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