EPFL DH Research Seminar 2020/2021, Reading with machines. Reading and writing in the digital age. – Talk by Prof. Gerhard Lauer, University of Basel

Digital Humanities at EPFL

15 October 2020, Kathleen Sarah Collins, 53 views

In the public a number of claims floating around about the end of books and end of reading. Shallow reading instead of deep reading is the way specifically the young generation reads if this generation reads at all. In contrast to these claims, our research shows how vivid young readers write and read books today, mainly on social media. Since this reading is often far away from established ways of reading, we developed a research agenda to explore the digital lives of books and todays readers, look into the real-time data and try to find ways to measure reading activities in large data sets.

The DH Research Seminar is a series of talks organised by the Digital Humanities Institute of EPFL given by researchers from a wide range of backgrounds and aiming at presenting the vast array of subjects covered by Digital Humanities. 

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