Are we ready for Artificial Intelligence in Medicine?


22 October 2021, Dominik Bolliger, 56 views

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the buzzword of the current hour. AI refers to computer systems that can perform non-physical tasks which normally require human intelligence. As these systems start to advance in their abilities to sort data, find patterns, and make predictions, AI-based systems will begin to take on expanded roles within the healthcare sector. 

Currently, AI-systems are already used in many different settings around the world for medical diagnoses, prediction and prevention, as well as to create the next generation of medicines. In an environment where patient well-being is essential and increasing quality of patient treatment indispensable, AI-based technology may provide increased efficiencies to not only patients and physicians, but also to hospitals and stakeholders at large. 

While we hope for AI to operationalize current challenges and to better streamline our experiences, we must also be aware of the dangers and ethical dilemmas that emerge from these developments. 

Will AI re-invent modern healthcare, or are we deploying such technologies with limited understanding of the risk-benefit trade-off?

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