mov'in home #03_move&dance

mov'in home, mov'in home

mov'in home_#03

by Philipp Egli, dance instructor, Zurich

healthy, fit & flexible in your own 4 walls

continuous movement and dancing 

based on  improvisation

duration of mov'in home #03: 45 minutes

make yourself some space, 2m x 2m can be enough, more can be helpful. look for a comfortable atmosphere and place where nobody disturbs you. to dive more easily in to the workout, it helps to stream the picture on a wider screen and to have sufficiant sound quality.

you can do the workout alone or in company. 

follow the proposed instructions, but also keep your own freedom in the movements in order to feel and like your moves. find your expression and go to your own limits. don't hesitate to cross them, when you feel power for it. when you feel a bit exhausted, do a bit less, relax more and breath - always maintain a certain flow, continue moving. 

... most of all: 


stay healthy! -Keep movin'!

©Philipp Egli, Zurich, 2020