Lecture Series FS22, Creating Digital Property Rights Using Blockchain

UZH Blockchain Center - Lecture Series

17 August, Shengnan Li, 16 views

Lecture Series FS22 ——"Creating Digital Property Rights Using Blockchain".

Co-organized by UZH Blockchain Center, Trust Square, Dezentrum.

Sponsor: #SBHACK22

Speaker: Prof. Dr. Co-Pierre Georg (University of Cape Town)

When: 17. May 2022 18:00

Where: [Hybrid] KOL-F-117, University of Zürich, Rämistrasse 71, 8006 Zürich | Zoom


Coded power is the ability to shape the behavior of others by controlling the storage, communication, and interpretation of information. I show how seemingly innocuous technology choices facilitate the concentration of coded power in the hands of a few big tech companies and three-letter government agencies. This outcome was neither inevitable nor is it without realistic alternatives. Blockchain promises to decentralize the control over public information but the real challenge is decentralizing control over private information. Public ledgers struggle with this, but new technologies make it possible today to envision an alternative information paradigm in which users can own their data. In this talk, I will outline how such a system can look like and how blockchain can be used to create digital property rights.

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