CSAW - Panel CE & Engineering

Climate and Sustainability Action Week 2021

23 February 2021, Samuel Cotture, 30 views

Three engineers working in the different engineering domains respond to the same three questions namely: 1) Can you give an example of a circular economy project you are working on? 2) What opportunities,  challenges and limits of circular economy do you see in your domain? 3) In your opinion, how can engineers contribute to the transition to a circular economy?

- Dr. Amaël Cohades, CEO of CompPair Technologies & previous postdoctoral researcher scientist at the Laboratory for Processing of Advanced Composites (EPFL)

- Prof. Corentin Fivet, Head of the Structural Xploration Lab at the Faculty of Architecture, Civil and Environmental Engineering (EPFL)

- Dr. Ivan Kantor, Postdoctoral researcher scientist at the Industrial Process and Energy Systems Engineering (EPFL) and HES-SO Valais & Executive Director at the Engineering and Sustainability Lab (HES-SO/EPFL joint research group)

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