2012.01.27, Figurations of future knowledge

Walter Benjamin Kolleg Universität Bern

52:01, 31 May 2016, 5 views

Berner Winter School 2012-2015 TransForming Knowledge and Epistemic Cultures

Invited guests and the focus of their lecture in the morning sessions of the Winter School In post-industrial societies, due to the impact of globalisation and technological development, we are witnessing a growth and diversification of the sites of knowledge production and the ways in which a variety of actors articulate and circulate knowledge. As a result, the privileged position of ‘scientific’ knowledge is contested, making knowledge the symbolic and material capital not only of academic ‘experts’. By the same token, the authorization of ‘knowledge’ becomes a matter of debate and changing power structures. The Winter School 2012 analyses and discusses these changes from a historical, sociological, cultural and philosophical perspective. It reflects in particular on the challenges thereof for the humanities and the social sciences regarding their role in the knowledge society of (post)modernity and their contribution to larger processes of transformation.

Figurations of future knowledge: a rhetorical and epistemological investigation of knowledge-to- come in connection to current prognostic notions like ‘sustainability’, ‘security’, ‘scenario’, ‘contingency’ PD Dr. Stefan Willer, Literary Studies, ZfL Berlin

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