Wrapup Innovators Camp 2022

UZH Innovation Hub: Innovators Camp

17 August 2023, Anne-Sophie Skarabis, 45 views

Driving innovation for impact! - Three leading Swiss universities joined forces for the fourth time to offer students and researchers a unique and hands-on learning experience in innovation practices. With this year's thematic focus on impact, they were contributing to the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals.

It was a unique setup of interdisciplinary teams from UZH, ZHdK and ETH, learning-by-doing, connecting and co-creating as well as having an impact by making it happen together:

3 Universities

19 Students

5 Days

5 Teams

5 Prototypes

About the UZH Innovation Hub:

The UZH Innovation Hub is a platform for innovation and entrepreneurship at the University of Zurich. It acts as a catalyst to accelerate the development of new inventions and ideas and strengthens the transfer of innovative research and teaching to the economy and society.

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