Spatial References Research Group

URPP Language and Space: Looking back and looking forward

17 January 2021, Ross Stuart Purves, 48 views

This video briefly describes work carried out in the Spatial References Research Group. The links below collate publications, projects and people referred to in the presentation.

Exemplar publications

Fictive motion

Egorova, E., Tenbrink, T., & Purves, R. S. (2018). Fictive motion in the context of mountaineering. Spatial Cognition & Computation, 18(4), 259-284.

Egorova, E., Moncla, L., Gaio, M., Claramunt, C., & Purves, R. S. (2018). Fictive motion extraction and classification. International Journal of Geographical Information Science, 32(11), 2247-2271.


Villette, J., & Purves, R. S. (2020). From Microtoponyms to Landscape Using Semantics, Location, and Topography: The Case of Wald, Holz, Riet, and Moos in St. Gallen, Switzerland. The Professional Geographer, 72(1), 109-120.


Sugisaki, K., Wiedmer, N., Naef, M., Hausendorf, H., & Piotrowski, M. (2018, June). Tracing changes in thematic structure of holiday picture postcards from 1950s to 2010s. In CEUR Workshop Proceedings (pp. 67-75). CEUR-WS.


Language and sense of place

Wartmann, F. M., & Purves, R. S. (2018). Investigating sense of place as a cultural ecosystem service in different landscapes through the lens of language. Landscape and Urban Planning, 175, 169-183.

Conceptualisation of landscape

van Putten, S., O’Meara, C., Wartmann, F., Yager, J., Villette, J., Mazzuca, C., Bieling, C., Burenhult, N., Purves, R. and Majid, A. (2020). Conceptualisations of landscape differ across European languages. Plos one, 15(10), e0239858.

External projects referred to

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