eCollaboration in practice

Webinars 2018

Webinar presented by Melanie Walter, ETHZ, on December 6, 2018

As already discussed in the previous webinar on eCollaboration: Collaborative learning has been shown as an effective way to develop both the range and depth of student competence. Participants who work together towards a common goal first need to develop a shared understanding of the task at hand and then negotiate an agreed approach. The ensuing social processes such as dialogue, discussion, debate and resolving differences of opinion have a positive effect on the overall learning process.

While the focus of the previous seminar was on the implementation of technical tools and features to enable online collaboration, this webinar will focus on the practical didactics of collaborative learning and showcase actual examples and scenarios where collaborative learning has been successfully integrated. Examples include (but are not limited to) collaborative learning journals, lab reports and excursion reports.

This webinar is for educational developers and lecturers who want to have a look at how online collaborative learning happens in practice at ETHZ.