SWITCHtube development

Fingertips design & development

19 December 2019, Thijs van der Vossen, 17 views

Gource visualisation of the SWITCHtube development process from November 2013 until December 2019.

gource -1920x1080 --seconds-per-day 0.1 --auto-skip-seconds 0.2 --max-file-lag 0.05 --key --title "SWITCHtube development by Fingertips in Amsterdam for SWITCH in Zürich" -o - | ffmpeg -y -r 60 -f image2pipe -vcodec ppm -i - -vcodec libx264 -preset ultrafast -pix_fmt yuv420p -crf 1 -threads 0 -bf 0 gource.mp4

Viewable by everyone. CC BY licensed.