Lecture Series FS21, Smart Contracts in Construction

UZH Blockchain Center - Lecture Series

17 August 2023, Shengnan Li, 14 views

Speakers: Prof. Dr. Daniel Hall & Jens Juri Hunhevicz (ETH)


Blockchain provides an opportunity to integrate digital information, management, and contracts to increase trust and collaboration within the construction industry. In this lecture, how Blockchain enables new forms of finance, planning and procurement will be explained. Firstly, Prof. Dr. Daniel Hall and Jens Hunhevicz will describe the reasons why they find that blockchain represents an excellent fit for the construction industry. Secondly, they will introduce ongoing use case implementations they are working on at ETH. These include:

(1) Incentivizing high-quality data sets from building information modeling (BIM), (2) Smart performance-based contracts using digital twins, (3) Blockchain supported decentralised construction project governance, and (4) no1s1 – a house prototype for autonomous space as a decentralized autonomous organizations (DAO). Finally, the lecturers will give a short overview of their proposed decision framework that can guide future implementers toward more connected and structured thinking between the technological properties of blockchain and the implementation of specific use cases in construction.

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