SWAT Lecture 03: What Is Agile Architecture?

03, SWAT Spring 2021

  1. Every software developer is also a designer, every software developer is also an architect
    1. First observation The sum of all the source code is the true design blueprint or software architecture.
    2. Second observation –The real software architecture evolves (better or worse) every day of the product, as people doprogramming.
    3. Third observation –The real living architecture needs to be grown every day through acts of programming by master programmers.
    4. Fourth observation –A software architect who is not in touch with the evolving source code of the product is out of touch with reality.
    5. Fifth observation –Every programmer is some kind of architect–whether wanted or not. Every act of programming is some kind of architectural act – good or bad, small or large, intended or not –.
  2. Agile architecture principles
    1. Design emerges. Architecture is a collaboration. 
    2. The bigger the system, the longer the runway. 
    3. Build the simplest architecture that can work. 
    4. When in doubt, code or model it out. 
    5. They build it. They test it, They run it. 
    6. There is no monopoly on innovation. 
    7. Implement architectural flow.
  3. Questions every architect shall be able to answer – key features of every architecture -
  4. Practical Part
    1. Study article about source code is architecture
    2. Improve one Java class following clean code, clean coder, clean architecture
    3. Code examples of students