Constructions of Rank Metric Convolutional Codes for Random Linear Network Coding

Coding Theory and Cryptography Seminars

7 December 2021, Henry Chimal-Dzul, 32 views

Physical channels like the internet are highly used in the modern world. The impact of the corona pandemic and the current age of digitisation even increased this usage in the last two years. This high usage ultimately leads to transmission bottlenecks and longer waiting times. Random linear network coding is a network protocol which enables an increase in data throughput compared to the widely used broadcasting protocol. The key feature of random linear network coding is the construction of linear combinations during the transmission. Within the proposed network protocol, rank metric codes are applied to improve the error handling and decoding capability. In this context, the selection of the code is crucial and depends on the chosen use case, the network model, and the desired properties of the protocol. For this purpose, several code constructions have been published and can be compared to each other.

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