Science Alumni UZH

Christine Janine Wittlin, Universität Zürich

15 September 2021, 2 videos, 60 views, Open Channel

Science Alumni UZH is the Alumni Association of the Faculty of Science of the University of Zurich.

Its goals are:

  • Promotion of personal contact between former students and employees of the faculty and their alma mater
  • Organization of public lectures and discussion events
  • Exclusive looks behind the scenes of research within and outside the university. Various excursions and convivial evening events  
  • Visit of research and production sites
  • Interdisciplinary exchange
  • Fostering of social cohesion of our community
  • Student support with scholarships

Financial and organizational support for selected projects.

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21.10.2021 Science Alumni UZH Entdeckungstour im UZH Tierspital

29 October 2021, 55 views


iGEM UZurich 2020 - Sponsored by Science Alumni UZH

15 September 2021, 5 views