New features and improvements

Early March 2017

  • The player now shows its own video controls when you go fullscreen.
  • You can now hold the “Shift” button while scrubbing using the “Left” and “Right” cursor keys on your keyboard to step forward and backward in steps of 1/30th of a second.
  • Scrubbing using the “Left” and “Right” cursor keys on your keyboard now uses smaller steps when the video is short. Videos longer than 150 seconds still use steps that are 15 seconds long.
  • During playback, the player now starts out showing time played instead of time remaining. You can still toggle between time played and time remaining by clicking the time display.
  • The player now includes a control to enable Apple AirPlay when it is available.

February 2017

  • The view permission for new channels now defaults to “Authenticated users within your organization only”.
  • You’re now warned before the upload starts when you try to add a video that’s larger than the maximum file size supported.