SWITCH Security Awareness Day 2021


11 October 2021, 7 videos, 273 views, Open Channel

Watch the inspiring talks of this year's SWITCH Security Awareness Day and listen to experts talking about storytelling, human centric design and security, gamification, phishing simulations and more.

The SWITCH Security Awareness Day aims at giving some insights into the different possible ways to deal with security awareness while pointing out where to get support and what is most crucial for being successful.

SWITCH Security Awareness Day

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Anne Lahner: Do your homework! - Why guidelines are essential for raising security awareness

13 October 2021, 22 views


Davina Luyten, Charlie van Genuchten: How to reach half a million people: Creating awareness in the R&E community

13 October 2021, 26 views


Lotta Krickel: Do you want to play a game? Possibilities and limits of gamification

13 October 2021, 47 views


Marco Gutfleisch: (Usable) Security Awareness in Software Development

13 October 2021, 37 views


Sebastian Lopienski: Email-based threats: addressing the human factor with simulated phishing campaigns

13 October 2021, 25 views


Stefan Huber: Know your audience – storytelling and security awareness

14 October 2021, 46 views


Tom Hofmann: Human centric design and security

13 October 2021, 70 views