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CIPCO Online Workshop: Algorithmic Market Activity

18 May 2021, 2 videos, Open Channel, Podcast

Algorithms employed for companies’ market activities have an ever growing impact on business and competition.Pricing algorithms, for instance, enable companies to set prices quickly, efficiently and in a resource-efficient manner. With the help of such applications, a large number of factors can...

Coding Theory and Cryptography Seminars

5 June 2020, 35 videos, Open Channel

Colóquios da Cátedra Carlos de Oliveira

23 November 2020, 2 videos, Open Channel

Come pubblicare materiali

23 January 2019, 1 video, Open Channel


12 July 2017, 1 video, Open Channel

COMPASS-Studie: Therapieumstellung bei PsychoseStudienteilnehmer gesucht: Informationen für PatientenObwohl es eine Reihe von wirksamen Medikamenten zur Behandlung der Psychose gibt, ist bislang nicht vorhersagbar, welcher Patient auf welches Medikament anspricht. Daher müssen bislang oft mehrere...

Core Competencies

4 April 2019, 1 video, Open Channel

Corporate Finance BOEC0228

30 August 2021, 3 videos


18 March 2021, 104 videos

This channel features all videos related to the conference "Coseriu's linguistics - origin and actuality" held at the University of Zurich.Find more information about the conference and related projects at

Cuestionario La Palma

17 October 2021, 50 videos, Open Channel


6 November 2017, 8 videos, Open Channel

CUREMhorizonte 2021

10 May 2021, 1 video, Open Channel


30 March 2020, 1 video, Open Channel

CUREM-Online-Panel 2

11 May 2020, 1 video, Open Channel

CUREM Online-Panel: Von der Zinswende zur Zeitwende?

11 May, 1 video, Open Channel

Das Romanische Seminar an der Universität Zürich

9 November 2020, 1 video

Dealing With Texts (Differently)

3 June 2021, 10 videos, Open Channel

A collection of essayistic video experiments made in the Seminar "Dealing with Texts (Differently): The Essayistic from Virginia Woolf to the Video Essay" FS 2021 taught by Dr. Johannes Binotto.Students were asked to make a two part video note: the first part as an epigraphic video in which a...

Democracy Studies UZH

5 November 2020, 6 videos, Open Channel, Podcast

How and why is democracy challenged around the world today?Join Democracy Studies at UZH to contribute to research on democracyMail: Twitter @UZH_DemocracyWebsite:

Departement für Pferde

8 April 2019, 5 videos, Open Channel

Department of Evolutionary Biology and Environmental Studies, UZH

13 October 2014, 8 videos

Department of Geography University of Zurich

24 June 2014, 56 videos

“One Earth – many worlds”: Globalization, climate change and mobile information societies are at the heart of the Department’s research and teaching.

Dies academicus 2017

11 May 2017, 3 videos, Open Channel

Die Reden gehalten am Dies academicus 2017:Festrede: Regierungsrätin Dr. Silvia Steiner, Bildungsdirektorin und Präsidentin des UniversitätsratsStandesrede: Prof. Dr. Caroline Maake, Präsidentin PD VereinigungBericht des Rektors: Prof. Dr. Michael O. Hengartner, Rektor

Dies academicus 2019 der Universität Zürich

9 May 2019, 3 videos, Open Channel

Festrede: Prof. Dr. Martina Hirayama, Staatssekretärin des Staatssekretariats für Bildung, Forschung und Innovation; Standesrede: Isaias Moser und Polina Pokrovskaya, VSUZH Präsidium; Bericht des Rektors: Prof. Dr. Michael O. Hengartner

Dies acadmicus 2018

11 June 2018, 3 videos, Open Channel

Reden gehalten am Dies acadmicus 2018 der UZH durch: Dr. Martin Dahinden, Schweizer Botschafter in den Vereinigten Staaten von Amerika, Oriana Schällibaum und Georg Winterberger, VAUZ Präsidium, und Prof. Dr. Michael O. Hengartner, Rektor UZH

Digital Humanities

30 June 2021, 13 videos, Open Channel

Video Channel zum Lehrprojekt Digital Humanities - CMI

6 October 2021, 31 videos

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