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CP: Concurrency State Models and Design Patterns

14 July 2021, 11 videos, Open Channel

See the course web page for further details.NB: weeks 6 and 10 are Labs, so no podcast lecture videos are available for those weeks.

Grants Office

2 October 2020, 2 videos

Videos from the Grants Office, Vice-Rectorate Research, University of Bern

One Health Intelligence: From Information to Action

3 December 2021, 7 videos, Open Channel

Recordings of the conference that took place on 29.11.2021.


17 September 2021, 6 videos, Open Channel

PlatformCommander is an open source package developed by the section "Cognitive Psychology, Perception, and Research Methods" of the department for psychology and the Technology Platform for Research of the Human Sciences Faculty of the University of Bern. The software allows for controlling a...

Schweizerische Osteuropabibliothek SOB (Universität Bern): Video-Podcasts

7 September 2021, 2 videos, Open Channel

Alle Podcasts der Veranstaltungen der SOB seit 2014: Vorträge und Diskussionen zu Geschichte, Gesellschaft, Politik und Kultur in Ost- Ostmittel- und Südosteuropa.  All podcasts from the SOB lecture series and events since 2014: talks and discussions on history, politics, society and culture in...

CAS Migration und Bildung

28 May 2021, 3 videos

Podcast "Surveillance to the Maximum"

12 November 2021, 2 videos

für Webseite

7 July 2016, 9 videos


19 March 2020, 1 video, Open Channel

Schnuppervorlesungen Geologie

26 November 2020, 7 videos, Open Channel

Tag des Studienbeginns MSc Mi NE

16 September 2021, 1 video

Tag des Studienbeginns BSc Mi NE

16 September 2021, 1 video

AI Expo Africa 2021: Center for Artificial Intelligence in Medicine, University of Bern

3 September 2021, 4 videos, Open Channel

Overview over CAIM, a research, education and translation platform for AI technologies into healthcare of the University of Bern and the Inselspital, Bern University Hospital, with the Bern Psychiatry Services and the Swiss Institute for Translational and Entrepreneurial Medicine sitem-insel as...


24 August 2021, 2 videos, Open Channel

Videos from the Workshop „Theorizing Resilience & Vulnerability in Ancient Studies (TRAVAS)” 2021

JMCS Software Skills Lab

15 June 2021, 5 videos, Open Channel


7 September 2020, 6 videos, Open Channel

Videos für die Website des Departements für Chemie, Biochemie und Pharmazie (https://www.dcb.unibe.ch) der Universität Bern

Microscopy Imaging Center MIC

22 June 2021, 1 video, Open Channel

Audio Features/Hörstücke - Digitale Geographien des global/intimate

16 June 2021, 8 videos

P2: Programming 2 — Object-Oriented Design

5 January 2021, 26 videos, Open Channel

See the course web page for details.

Computer Science Guest Talks

19 May 2021, 1 video, Open Channel

This is a collection of recordings of presentations by visitors to the Institute of Computer Science.

PL: Programming Languages

5 January 2021, 12 videos, Open Channel

See the course web page for details.


18 May 2021, 2 videos

452240-FS2021-0-PA: Statistische Verfahren zur archäologischen Datenanalyse

24 February 2021, 18 videos, Open Channel

Aufgenommene Sitzungen des Kurses zu statistischen Verfahren zur archäologischen Datenanalyse

Epidemiologie & Statistik - 1. Jk

22 April 2021, 3 videos, Open Channel

Statistical methods for archaeological data analysis

12 February 2019, 27 videos, Open Channel

Video Tutorials for the course: Statistical methods for archaeological data analysis I: Basic methods

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