17, Digital transformation of continuing education with the "Three-Level" Solution

eduhub days 2021

16 February 2021, 4 views

Challenges and innovation II - Hybrid teaching and learning

February 10, 2021

Jue Wang Szilas, Patrizia Birchler Emery, UNIGE

Digital transformation of university-level continuing education has become more and more urgent – not only as a solution for the pandemic situation, but also for its sustainable development. Well-designed e-learning programmes can provide learners with more flexibility, as well as a dynamic and personalised learning experience. However, several challenges arise: For example, time and human resources allocated to help develop online learning materials, scenarios to meet disciplinary requirements, and teachers' and students' technological affordance (digital skills). Faced with these difficulties, the Centre for Continuing and Distance Education (CFCD) of the University of Geneva has initiated and experimented a "Three-Level" solution to segment their service in terms of digital transformation of continuing education programmes. The "Three-Level" solution consists of the "easy option", "intermediate option" and "advanced option". The three options propose e-learning development models at different levels, that combine implication of LMS platform and video conferencing tools according to the institutional and pedagogical requirements, availability of teaching and coordination staff as well as the digital skills required. We will present the three options in detail and share several concrete examples. We hope to open the discussion with all participants after the presentation.

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