HoloLens : Digital manual with augmented reality glasses

HEPIA - Optics and Image Processing Laboratory - Public

17 April 2020, 41 views

Axel Collet, Nicolas Rosset, Stéphane Bourquin, Valérie Duay, HEPIA

Maria Sisto, Christophe Bolinhas, Stéphane Gobron, HE-ARC

We've developed an augmented reality manual with HoloLens. This manual is for the technician. In order not to disturb them during their manipulation, we don't display a hologram when they are close to the pump but only information on the side they can look whenever they want. If they move away, they will have all the information superimposed on the pump.

Voice of the digital manual : Benjamin Delaloye.

Voice of the user : Nicolas Rosset

Publication: https://arodes.hes-so.ch/record/7197?ln=FR

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