Experiences in integrating SEB with Moodle and ILIAS

Webinars 2019

1:01:06, Nathalie Roth, 14 November 2019, 44 views

Webinar presented by Luca Bösch (BFH) and Stephan Winiker (HSLU) on November 14, 2019

Moodle and ILIAS are two of the most widely used LMSs in Swiss academia and they can both be integrated, more or less easily, with SEB to run exams on self-managed, but also BYOD devices. In this session we would like to have a look at the technical solutions found as well as the implemented scenarios at the Bern University of Applied Sciences using Moodle and at the University of Applied Sciences Lucern using ILIAS. While the SEB is integrated in the Moodle core (although still experimental), in ILIAS the necessary adaptations are made through a plugin originally developed at the University of Marburg and now completely refactored by the University of Applied Sciences Lucern. The scenarios implemented range from giving access to documents on SWITCHdrive for an exam written on paper to essays written on the LMS with access to Linguee or Duden, while blocking the rest of the internet.

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