Workshop, Meet the Ethafa Steammians Kit, a kit and an open resources framework to bridge the gap in education through storytelling

Open Education Day 2021-24 (DE / FR / EN)

1:06:37, 6 May 2021, 4 views

Started in 2017, the Ethafa project proposes a tool and a set of open resources that are co-created with educators that aim to teach technology with a storytelling approach. The workshop aims to present the “Ethafa formula”, a framework to create engaging stories for kids to learn STEAM Science Technology Engineering Art and Math subject. The participants will be involved in an interactive online sessions and prototype an open digital book of STEAM stories to tech technology with a more inclusive and diverse approach.

Educators, elementary school teachers, academic researchers and electronics and programming amateurs are welcome. The workshop is open to all  creative minds that aim to use storytelling in tech education and to promote some UN Sustainable Development Goals, like the need of having quality education and promoting gender balance.

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