13, Live remote proctoring with Safe Exam Browser and SEB Server

eduhub days 2021

16 February 2021, 7 views

Challenges and innovation I - e-Assessment

February 9, 2021

Daniel Schneider, ETHZ

In this interactive presentation, we will demonstrate the new live remote proctoring features in Safe Exam Browser (SEB). These features replicate the situation in an exam hall, where proctors walk around and invigilate students taking a test. Candidates are monitored during the exam using the webcam and microphone in their devices, while SEB prevents accessing unauthorised resources. The SEB client application on each candidate's device connects to the new SEB Server. The examiner/proctors can see the status of each connected device in the web backend of SEB Server. They can choose to monitor all students in an exam with a live camera stream or split candidates up into separate breakout rooms. The new features also enable direct interaction via live video/audio stream or a built-in chat. Examiners can for example give students last-minute instructions before an examination starts, or they can support individual students in case of questions or problems. Artificial intelligence proctoring features allow to optionally track face movements and the number of faces visible in the camera stream. These features are performed on-device, not in a cloud. Live proctoring uses the open source video conferencing solution Jitsi Meet, which can be hosted on-premise to guarantee the best possible privacy.

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