Video conferencing in higher education

Webinars 2017

30 March 2017, Nathalie Roth, 64 views

Webinar presented by Nathalie Roth, SWITCH; Thomas Baerecke, SWITCH; Nathan Labhart, UZH, on March 30, 2017

Video conferencing has gained some importance in higher education in recent years. With video conferencing, the learning experience can be extended beyond lecture halls. Experts can be invited, lectures can take place simultaneously at different locations (e.g. The ShanghAI Lectures) in a multicultural and interdisciplinary context.

Also for research video conferencing proves to be very useful. Research is often conducted by teams of scientists located all around the world. Basic and applied research require extensive communication from inception through final publication of results. As teams of scientists pursue scientific breakthroughs, they need a reliable way to collaborate on their work and to share their findings effectively in real-time.

In this webinar we want to present the new service SWITCHvideoconf and explore possible operational scenarios with video conferencing in the Swiss academic community.

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