The MOOC learner experience

Webinars 2015

3 July 2015, Nathalie Roth, 34 views

Webinar presented by Renato Soldenhoff, ZHdK, July 2, 2015

The individual contexts of learners are important influencing factors for successful learning. Especially with e-learning services, such as MOOC providers, we have just little insights in these contexts. In my Master’s thesis about the relevance of the context for the MOOC learner experience I discuss the scopes of design and the influence of contexts from a learner’s perspective. A desk research and 13 reviews with MOOC learners from different countries were conducted to gain insights into individual experiences.

In this webinar I will present insights of this Master’s thesis as well as a contextual model of learning that was used to design the research and evaluate the answers. The “Masterthesis zur Relevanz des Kontextes bei der MOOC Learner Experience” was written for the Master’s programme “Leadership in Digital Communication” at UdK Berlin in 2014.

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