A massive black hole? The student-side of video based learning strategies

Webinars 2019

25 January 2019, Nathalie Roth, 129 views

Webinar presented by Wolfgang Widulle, FHNW, January 24, 2019

Videos in higher education are attractive learning materials, but embedding them into learning environments for efficacy and good learning outcome includes several uncertainties and challenges - such as misunderstanding video as abbreviation of learning processes, as edutainment or “learning by consuming”. Videos produce also effects like procrastination, zapping through, loss or reading and create “illusions of knowing”. As videos are a densified, complex and fluid medium, they demand focussed learning strategies, from which there’s a lack of knowledge about how students learn with it and how they embed video in their strategies of competency acquisition.

The webinar gives basic information regarding challenges and principles of effective video learning and it gives insights into personal learning strategies, reported by students in an explorative survey at the School of Social Work FHNW.

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