Fagottino Project - G.P. Telemann, Abscheuliche Tiefe des grossen Verderbens TWV1:1, 1731/32

SNSF Out of the bass register / Fagottino and tenoroons - small, forgotten giants

3 December 2020, 93 views

TELEMANN, Georg Philipp (1681–1767), Abscheuliche Tiefe des grossen Verderbens for Flute,  Violetta o Fagotto, Voice and Continuo TWV1:1, ‘Sonntag nach Weihnacht’ / 1731/32, Hamburg 

Alto - Dina König

Traverso - Claire Genewein

Fagottino - Zoë Matthews

Cello - Bernadette Köbele

Organ - Han-na Lee

Audio / video production - Leonardo Bortolotto

This beautiful cantata by Telemann uses the combination of traverso, fagottino, alto voice and continuo. If played on a full size baroque bassoon the part would have to be played an octave lower as in its written pitch in alto clef the part would be too high. Played on Fagottino the part lies perfectly and does not go lower than the bass line.

For more information about small bassoons please visit the website of the SNSF Fagottino Project.


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