MOODECx - mastering universities' own MOOC data

Webinars 2016

1:00:53, Nathalie Roth, 25 August 2016, 28 views

Webinar presented by Leyun Xia & Martin Tazlari, Cyberlearn, HES-SO, August 25, 2016

The burning question of the rights on data from MOOCs hosted on US platforms pushes European universities to distribute their MOOCs on local platforms they control by themselves. Moodle is the second largest provider with 23% market share. In spite of that, its relative complexity and lack of automation in tasks required by MOOCs makes the platform not fully functional to host MOOCs without any adaptation.

Therefore, the MOODECx project (performed by the e-learning center HES-SO Cyberlearn and the research institute ISnet) transforms Moodle to make it powerful, offering collaborative functionalities, automation, and allows universities to manage their MOOC offers by themselves. MOODEC operates independently of Moodle. It offers new plugins, activities, reports, blocks, and proposes a students' dashboard. Special attention has been paid to ergonomics and interface design.

This webinar will provide a demonstration of the final version of this project and perform a MOOC deployment. We will present some figures and facts about MOOCs HES-SO and describe future features such as learning analytics.

Universities can contact in order to deploy the MOODECx platform.

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