Safe Exam Browser 2.0

Webinars 2013

Webinar by Daniel Schneider, ETHZ, 23.5.2013

How to conduct online examinations using Safe Exam Browser 2.0

Online examinations are an increasingly important means of assessing performance at universities. They deliver more efficient, reliable and novel ways to measure students’ abilities. But how to rout the bugbears of manipulation, downloading of information from the Internet, or cheating? Simple, efficient open source Safe Exam Browser (SEB) software may be the answer.

SEB is being used regularly since 2008 for securing online exams at ETH Zurich and other higher education institutions worldwide. The new version 2.0 is minimising administrative effort by easing configuration of the exam clients. Security is also significantly increased thanks to a new authentication feature: The exam system can verify that a particular, unaltered SEB version and the correct exam settings are used for an examination. This facilitates secure exams especially on unmanaged computers like students’ own laptops.

In the webinar we will discuss generally how SEB can secure your exams and what needs to be done specifically when setting up an exam. A step-by-step demonstration will show how to prepare SEB to be used together with your online examination in Moodle and ILIAS.