SWITCHverify and blockchain basics

Webinars 2021

25 February 2021, Nathalie Roth, 65 views

Presented by Robert Ott from SWITCH on February 25, 2021

In order to protect digital diplomas from fraud, SWITCH is currently introducing the service SWITCHverify. On one hand, the service allows universities and other higher education institutions to secure digital fingerprint information of documents such as diplomas or transcripts on a public blockchain. On the other hand, future employers and other institutions can easily verify the authenticity of provided diplomas and transcripts within seconds.

This webinar addresses the topic of diploma fraud and shows how SWITCHverify can be used to simplify the process of diploma verification. Technical integration scenarios such as API integration and manual certification are addressed.

In addition, the webinar will provide some basic information about blockchain technology, where it came from and where this ground breaking technology is heading to.

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