9, Design and model interactive remote teaching scenarios

eduhub days 2021

16 February 2021, 11 views

Challenges and innovation I - Hybrid teaching and learning

February 9, 2021

Sandrine Favre, Marianne Helfenberger, Alice Thurre-Millius, UniDistance

Spring semester 2020 had already started when COVID-19 pandemic broke out. Thus, coherent pedagogical scenarios had been already designed for all BA- and MA-courses according to Swiss Distance University's standardised model that included five face-to-face meetings per course and semester. National lockdown-regulations challenged those scenarios: Face-to-face meetings had to be substituted by other kinds of online offers. Since the pandemic continues, the challenge persists. Thus, the so far traditional pedagogical model needs to be rethought.

During the first 25 minutes, we will share

  • General considerations on the relationship between online and face-to-face teaching,
  • pedagogical scenarios for university courses and 
  • importance and practices of teacher-student and student-student interactions based on the development of the model for pedagogical scenarios at Swiss Distance University.

Interactive part of the session (30 minutes):

  • Questions;
  • Depending on the group size: breakout rooms for specific discussions:
  • Summary of the discussions in the main room, wrap up.

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