23, Practical guide to online conferences - From conception to successfully managing online conferences

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16 February 2021, 7 views

Challenges and innovation II - Tools

February 10, 2021

Reto Schürch, Careum

During the year 2020 online conferences have become much more important because of the two lockdowns caused by COVID-19. Online conferences are far more than just meeting in an online conference tool.

The session is a practical guide to developing exciting online conferences. It will show how to prepare and successfully manage live conferences.

Themes included in the session:

  • Conception phase with developing a script regarding didactical and technical aspects as well as usability issues;
  • Communication, assistance and guiding conference participantsM
  • Briefing, testing and rehearsing within the organisational board as well as the external speakers;
  • Developing technical setups.

During the session we will show original scripts, didactical scenarios and drawings as well as pictures of technical setups used for conferences during 2020.

The session will include time for sharing experiences among participants.

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