16, Immersive institutional digital artifact (Le MITIC par le MITIC)

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16 February 2021, 2 views

Challenges and innovation II - Hybrid teaching and learning

February 10, 2021

Jasmina Travnjak, UNIGE

In 2019 (before we even heard of COVID), I started a new hybrid course at the University of Geneva that aimed to immerse my students into a hybrid digital artifact based on institutional tools used by the Geneva secondary schools ("Ecole en ligne").

While teaching the pedagogical use of digital technologies, I realised that my students (as well as my teacher colleagues) had never used the institutional tools and had no idea of the possibilities they offered. While my course was supposed to teach them the theory behind the effects of technology of students, I realised that their need was more to learn to master the tools. Without an extensive knowledge of technology, they would never feel comfortable in using it in their own teaching environment.

This is why I decided to create an immersive experience, by using the institutional platform (Google Suite) and a collaborative whiteboard tool (miro.com) in order to make my students not only learn the theoretical concepts, but also acquire an extensive experience of all the tools that are officially used by the schools of Geneva.

My artifact is entirely managed with Google Classroom. It encourages the students to be autonomous, to collaborate, to share information and to interact individually with their teacher – all thanks to technology.

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