19, How I successfully turned distance learning into talking to interesting people all the time

eduhub days 2021

16 February 2021, 4 views

Challenges and innovation II - e-Collaboration

February 10, 2021

Michael Mittag, FHNW

In the past months, my average work week included two ninety-minute talks with guests from politics, arts, media and education, 90 minutes of talks with student groups and 3 to 4 hours of one-on-one talks with students. So, all in all, I've spent around 7 hours every week talking to interesting people, supporting them in their learning and learning from them in return.

According to student evaluations, students have profited from my classes, they were very happy with them and liked the class format. I've also profited, first by knowing much better what students actually need, and second from the guests I had invited, who managed to inspire both me and my students.

This talk will discuss different formats of engineering social processes, how to use tools like video conferencing to make this much easier, and also how you can and need to orchestrate social processes, if you want them to work in your favour.

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