12, To proctor or not to proctor? What other options?

eduhub days 2021

16 February 2021, 7 views

Challenges and innovation I - e-Assessment

February 9, 2021

Henrietta Carbonel, UniDistance

With the move to online exams during the pandemic, the question of deterring cheating and online proctoring has been at the heart of many discussions. In this session, I look at what online proctoring offers, its limitations, and other options to carry out authentic and meaningful online assessments.

We first look at online proctoring companies' services and the technologies they use such as face recognition, algorithms detecting suspicious behaviour, taking over control of the computer, etc. and the issues these bring up.

We then consider the role of teachers and higher education institutions as not only that of sharing content and co-constructing knowledge, but as modelling behaviour and academic thinking. Can a trustful relationship be built based on proctoring? Shouldn't academic honesty be a pedagogical issue rather than a technical one? Finally, in breakout rooms we will discuss assessment methods that do not require online proctoring. From the setup of MCQs, to semester long research projects, there are many options that allow for authentic and meaningful assessment that does not require proctoring.

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