Do you want to play a game? The possibilities and limits of gamification

Webinars 2021

Webinar presented by Lotta Krickel from Actionbound on June 24, 2021

Gamification is on everyone's lips, people are encouraged to play everywhere – in schools, universities, at the workplace and for marketing purposes. Games are supposed to motivate us, making learning more fun and sustainable. That sounds great in theory, but is quite difficult to accomplish in practice.

According to current research the long celebrated positive effects of gamification might not be so positive at all. Learning and memory are far more complicated and need more attention than simply gaming elements and calling it a day.

About the presenter:

Lotta Krickel studied e-learning and media literacy and is a game designer at Actionbound. In her webinar she explains why emotions are so important for learning, what the difference between gamification and game-based learning is, why gamification is a double-edged sword and how game design can be used specifically for learning processes in a motivating and sustainable way.